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Manthana foundation is an online counseling platform aimed at delivering Counseling, Psychotherapy to people, keeping mental health as a priority through online communication mediums.

Why Choose Manthana?

“Health is a state of complete Physical, Mental, Social well-being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” - WHO.

  The moment someone says he or she has a mental health condition; the reaction of people is shock, disbelief or Stigma. The same is not true in case of Physical health conditions where people tend to empathize & offer lot of support.

  Even in ancient times, mental health conditions have been perceived with same level of stigma & was attributed to various super natural forces. It was treated with various magico-religious rituals, many of which even life threatening. Some of these believes & practices are followed in modern days although there is significant discoveries in the field of mental health.

  The reason for this stigma stems from the belief that mind is a mysterious & invisible entity. Hence illness of mind sounds completely unnatural. People often believe affected individuals behave abnormally.

  But mental health conditions can vary greatly. It can range from simple “Stage fear" [Social anxiety] to illnesses like Schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s dementia. There are many types of mental illnesses some being mild & some very severe causing lot of dysfunctions. Due to associated stigma, most of the times these illnesses & feelings of people goes unheard & unnoticed; which may lead to delay in the initiation of treatment & cause other adverse effects on the body.

  Timely diagnosis & treatment goes a long way in terms of the prognosis & Quality of life of the affected individual. In some cases, simple venting out & support can have tremendous impact on one’s mental health.

  Hence Gautama Buddha said,” You live most of your life Inside of your head. Make sure it’s a nice place to stay".

Our mission

  In Hindu Puranas, the Devas & the Asuras churned the ocean of milk, which lead to the formation of Elixir of life. Similarly the mind "(Mana)" & the body "(Thanu)" has to work Synergistically in order to have fulfilling life & reach self actualization (Amrutha). When there is Asynchronicity, “Halahala” (Poison) can arise; in other words it can have adverse effects on both mind & body.

  In this modern era, we are surrounded with new technologies & we have adapted to this newer life style. Although it helps us in many ways, it has its own set of disadvantages. It can cause lot of stress which in turn may lead to many mental & physical health problems. Hence this foundation aims at helping people who have either inaccessibility to mental health workers or due to fear & stigma; to better understand self & to help them grow successfully in all spheres of life.

  "The Secret of health for both mind & body is not to mourn for the past nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly" - Buddha.

Our Team

  • Psychiatry

    - Aims to assess & evaluate mental health conditions. Offer guidance & treatment options.

    Dr. Arun Bhat P MBBS,DPM, DNB Psychiatry

      Dr. Arun Bhat finished his Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) from KMC, Mangalore. Even during his MBBS Course he had deep inclination towards Spirituality, Mind & its mysteries. In order to discover mysteries of mind, how it affects people & how to help individuals with mental health conditions; did his post-graduation in Psychiatry from Bangalore & Mumbai.

      After his post-graduation, joined K.S.Hegde Hospital, as a faculty & currently working as Assistant Professor in the department of Psychiatry. He also offers consultation at various places in & around Mangalore. He has aided many people suffering from their mental health conditions like Schizophrenia, Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Sexual dysfunction, Geriatric & Childhood mental health issues etc.

      He always believes that the learning never stops & aims to become more adept in helping people with mental health problems.

  • Psychology

    - Aims at understanding clients problems in depth, analyse underlying conflicts, offer appropriate therapy, support & counselling.

    Mrs. Keerthi Aithal M.A. (Clinical Psychology), ADCP (Counselling & Psychotherapy), M.Sc (Biotechnology)

      Mrs. Keerthi Aithal finished her Masters in Biotechnology from St. Aloysius College, as a career option. But the void she felt was only fulfilled when she came across the subject of Mental health & Psychology. To fuel her burning passion, she completed Masters in Psychology [Clinical Psychology] from IGNOU & completed Adv. diploma course in counselling & Psychotherapy from Manasa hospital, Shimoga. After that, she started working with her husband Dr. Arun & successfully helped many people to learn how to deal with their mental health issues.

      She is meticulous in her therapy, keeping the welfare of her clients in mind ,she puts total efforts in helping the clients. Also strives to learn new techniques & keep herself updated in order to help clients receive excellent therapies.


  There are multiple types of mental health issues & illnesses needing either medicines (Pharmacotherapy) or Psychotherapy or combination of both. Psychological issues faced by each clients is unique to their life, needing adjustment in the treatment approaches. Properly tailor made treatment approaches (whether medicines or therapy) can help the individuals get over their psychological distress, better understand self & better functioning at various spheres of life. Here we would want to briefly outline some of the services offered.

Psychiatry Consultation

Detailed evaluation & assessment of the symptoms is done to understand and diagnose underlying mental health issues. Guidance offered according to their condition. Local clients can also be prescribed medications if warranted.

Therapies offered

Information about various therapies offered by our team.

Common mental health issues

Brief outline about various mental health issues which is dealt by our team.

Q & A

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Sunil D'almeida

Working Professional

Such a great doctor!! Very understanding and listens to the patients... Generally what I found is psychiatrists won't go out of their margin to resolve patients problems...but Dr. Arun Bhat has taken a step to talk to my spouse to understand and resolve my problem. One best thing about the doctor is, he is not at all money minded... His main focus will be on patients problems... I truly recommend and thank him for his treatment which is helping me a lot in my life and I am sure with his help and guidance I will overcome my disorder and come out of medication which I have been taking for so many years now. God bless you....

Rating -

Santhosh Melvin Tauro

Working Professional

Nice Person Hearing patiant's problem very patiently. He is explaining the problem very clearly. My 50% problem solved by his nice speaking & explanation. Other 50% by medicine

Rating -

mohammad munavar

Working Professional

Dr. Arun Bhat treats very well and there is no words to explain about him absolutely mind-blowing 👍

Rating -

Ajay V Karkal

Working Professional

Dr. Arun Bhat is an exceptional psychiatrist who goes above and beyond in his patient care. His kindness and understanding create a safe and comfortable environment where one can openly discuss their concerns and challenges. Dr. Bhat's ability to listen attentively and show genuine empathy is truly remarkable. He takes the time to understand each individual's unique situation and tailors his treatment approach accordingly. His insights and guidance have been invaluable in my journey towards mental well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Arun Bhat to anyone seeking a compassionate and understanding psychiatrist.

Rating -

Ronald Vaz

Working Professional

Referred by a renowned Cardiologist I approached Dr. Arun Bhat in 2016. A doctor who with his exceptional professional abilities treated me for 4 years and today I am totally out of my illness and right now am hale n healthy..I give the entire credit to Dr. Arun Bhat for his wonderful holistic treatment. His approach and way of advice is adorable. Thank you doctor .God bless you. Mrs. Vaz

Rating -

Nithin Shenoy

Working Professional

Dr Arun Bhat P is a wonderful and a kind person.He is very warm, welcoming and very approachable. He listens to people first, makes them feel comfortable and then gives much needed time to address the concern.. He diagnoses people very well, even while I was outside Mangalore he gladly accepted my video calls and messages as and when needed. He is very open to all and treats you with utmost respect. Do not hesitate to contact him for any issues.

Rating -

Prasad Acharya

Working Professional

Thank u so much doctor for helping me get rid of my mental illness

Rating -

Adeline Mascarenhas

Working Professional

Immensely satisfied with the treatment,recovery, timely response all the time Evan while abroad with a time difference.Thank you doctor.

Rating -

Aparna Dinesh

Working Professional

Very good psychiatrist. Gives good time to each patient

Rating -

Radhika Shanbhag

Working Professional

I highly recommend Dr. Arun Bhat and Mrs.Keerthi Aithal bcoz over the past he and she has been instrumental in helping me overcome depression. From the start, Dr. Arun listened carefully and developed a personalized treatment plan with the medications & Keerthi Ma'am with counseling & therapy.Their compassion, professionalism, and consistent support made a significant difference in my recovery. Thanks to their expertise, I now have a renewed sense of hope and the tools to maintain my mental health. I am incredibly grateful for their exceptional care.

Rating -

shruthi res

Working Professional

Dr. Arun is a wonderful doctor and understands his patient. In every appointment he gives enough time to the patient and he is calm as well as highly caring. The best thing is he goes to the root cause of the problem and gives the best treatment to bring out his patient from it. His empathetic listening gives so much comfort and he is always available to clear doubts and provide best guidance! I wish his service reach as many needy people as possible.

Rating -


Working Professional

A great doctor to go. He provides a comfort space to share our issue with complete transparency. He treats providing a best solution with help of minimum medications.

Rating -

Ashwin Aithal

Working Professional

Awesome psychiatrist!

Rating -

Lohith Pinto

Working Professional

Dr. Arun Bhat P is really Kind Hearted Professional and Intelligent Psychiatrist who says Mind is vast ocean and if has some issues we need medical attention .....Dawa bi Dua bi very important , v shouldn't have taboo n I'll treat people who need medical attention regarding mental condition ....but v should support them .
Dr. Arun is one Who helped my family lot ...Thank you Doctor for all your support , highly recommend

Rating -

Vijay Ratnam

Working Professional

Very Good psychiatrist...treats very well

Rating -


A: Counseling is a process where we help the clients (with or without mental health issues) to resolve the personal, social or psychological problems by providing them with necessary insight to gain the resolution needed to bring about positive changes in their lives, & to assist them in issues with different arenas of life ( Education, Career, Couple/Marriage, Relationship, Sexual health, Pregnancy & Child birth related stress, Child care, Parenting, Stress management/ Burnout, Time management/ Procrastination, Social skills, Assertiveness, Midlife crisis, Divorce, Crisis intervention), thereby facilitating overall well being of the clients.
Psychotherapy is a process where we help the clients with mental health issues to change their irrational beliefs or maladaptive thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions & behaviour into adaptive ones; to help them unlearn faulty coping mechanisms; to help them develop more constructive & rational thoughts; & to develop positive self-regard, self-evaluation, & a realistic view of one self & one's environment. In turn promoting positive personality growth, development & functioning. Psychotherapy is helpful in various mental health conditions such as Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders ( Depression, Dysthymia etc), Personality disorders, Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), Somatoform disorders, Eating disorders, Anger issues, Grief/ Bereavement, Caregiver burden, Postpartum Depression, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Suicide.

A: Counseling/ Psychotherapy sessions might last upto 6-7 sessions depending upon the clients requirement, conducted on a weekly basis of 1 hour duration. In the initial sessions the focus is on getting the detailed history of the client's problems, & establishing rapport. Following 2-3 sessions are dedicated to goal setting, intervention, & problem solving. Last 1-2 sessions are focused on the skills gained by the clients, which would empower them to solve their life issues, & finally terminating the session.

A: Online Counseling/ Psychotherapy session is the service provided through online mode which includes either telephonic or video call. The advantages of online mode are -
1) The ease of accessing the mental health services.
2) The comforts of being at their personal space, respecting their privacy.
3) To be free from stigma.
The online mode opted by us is WhatsApp audio or video call. The WhatsApp number to reach out to us is provided in our website.

A: Duration of each online session would be for 1 hour, fee being Rs.800/- per session, which needs to be prepaid in order to book the session slot. A minimum of 5 sessions & a maximum of 10 sessions would be required depending upon the clients need.

If clients have difficulty in paying the fee, & warranting reduction; the therapist is at liberty to adjust the fee according to the clients capacity.

Non- Refundable :
1) If the client misses the allocated time slot.
2) If the client cancels the session 1 day prior.

Refundable :
1) If the client informs atleast with 2 day prior notice to cancel/ postpone.
2) For any reason, if the therapist/ counselor wants to postpone; either money will be refunded or adjusted for next session.

A: Yes, confidentiality is of utmost importance. It's the foundation for strong therapeutic relationship between the therapist & the client, which inturn helps to build trust; to allow clients to share sensitive issues, & to deal with them constructively.

A: The languages in which Online Counseling/Psychotherapy is provided are English, Kannada, & Hindi.



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